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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Techniques and materials

I friend recently read this blog and told me to let you know the materials for making this different cards, jewellery key holders etc.
Because this is a non commercial profit blog, I will tell you what I use but not the brand, if you wish to know about a brand you can mail me at my personal e mail and I will tell you my experience.
Now lets go to work!!!
I love stamping and I think that stamping is very helpful in recycling.  The versatility of stamp is very useful for recycling, because the stamp can be used in almost any kind of surface, you can paint it, how you like, also you can stamp in cardboard, pieces of plastics, wood thing you can put through your printer.  Also if you can't draw the stamp will have the drawing for you! so instead of printing  or buying printed papers with drawing, you will be able to stamp it and then you can painted with what you have on hand (watercolour, colour pencil, acrylic. micas) or leave then as they are!  Also it speed all, because depending on what is the project, for example if you want different figures it will take more time to do it, stamping will take minutes only!  Many of the card I had made for x mas, I use stamping, but in this techniques you can also squibble  lines of different colours all around
The stamp can be used in pieces of waste paper, news papers, flyers, brochures they are useful also if you make your own jewellery.
Many of the stamps I use I have make then others I have buy, but they will last for years if you maintain them.  So is  something that you don't need to be buying and buying over and over again!
This stamp the background was leftover papers I stamp over them with different stamps but also it can be squibble with different s colors and design and the centre snowman is also stamp in a piece of paper leftover, and also it is glue over a brochure that came through my door...So no waste at all and also it is cheaper than buying background pages a card paper and a picture...the cost, maybe taking time relaxing and doing something I love, and knowing that all this is not going to the bin!  And the most wonderful experience was that almost everyone I gave them x mas card like this, took the time to call me and ask me about how I did it and want to know more about recycling is a win win at least for me.

This image was printed but went instead of throwing it I re use it again.

This other more all lest the same thing, but you can see how with the same technique we can achieve different styles!  They look differences and you can applied this to every time in the year.

The only thing we need is waste paper, maybe we were doing something and went wrong, a printed paper that you don't need any more, keep it!  Waste from another project, a card, a postcard, any kind of leftover paper, a bad home work any kind of paper will be useful even if it have been painted that is no a problem, the more different the papers the better effect!
Well this is for today, English is not my native language so please forgive me for any mistake or for not express myself enough..I do the best...but I think I have still much to learn...(English language)

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