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Albert Einstein.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I am still trying to understand this, so sorry, my bold was published without finishing it, but I don't know were to edit better continue...I will learn in the way!
So the second box took a little more of time, this one is use for the handmade embellishment I made for the  cards, so it is use for dry material, I cover it with pieces of papers, photocopies that went bad and similar. When the glue was dry, I pass a black marker around some figures, then I cover it with an acrylic varnish and let it dry..
So it is very easy, I am using the boxes and they look much better like this in my desk!  If you want to make some for gift or ornate, then you must take  your time, you can applied ribbons flowers , what you like, this were made very quick and fast, apart for the time I need the varnish to dry, I will say doing both didn't took me more that 20 minutes!

 Here are the new bangles!  They are very different and you can decorate them as you wish making them personal.  Here I used some of my stamp design and newspaper that I soak it in tea, so it looks oldie...I must say I love vintage art, retro art I love it!
The rose with red one, was made with something that I was painting but didn't went so good!!! So I decide to use it in my thin bangle, and it looks better here that in the paint itself!
Here are some oldies  that I have been using for a while (more or less a year) now and they still look great!  

now down here is a picture of a very quick tape holder, I didn't ornate it so much because the tapes rolls cover it and I have it in my desk.  For this one I use a toilet paper cardboard and a square rectangle from a some packing, it really help me find the now my different types of tapes i use for my really have been a life saver for me, if you prefer it larger it can be used instead of a toilet cardboard roll, a towel paper one.  The nice thing of this style of craft you do it how you like it!  I put the bangles instead, so it can be use for thing like this also!
   Down there is something I still don't know in what i will use it!!!  But in the U.S.A. I know that using bottle caps is so in fashion now so maybe you can design here is the idea
The watch strap were made with grunge paper, it is a recycle paper that is use for crafting very extensively in the U.S.A.  here are some that we made for your eyes only...jiojijjijiji
I must say that my niece use them like bangles also.  I did some masculine types for my son and he love them, I forgot to take pictures !!!!! OMG...well that is me!!!  

see u soon...hey who like hot chilli stuff!!!

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