"The woman who follows the crowd, will usually don't go any further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one ever have been before"

Albert Einstein.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Some tips for not wasting energy, water and time

I have been reading articles about the waste of time, money, energy and water is to rinse the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher...and more your dishwasher can damage sooner!

Here is the link..please take note of this you are doing something for the environment and saving money also!

Also don't put to much detergent in your laundry, the excess of soap can damage it quicker, today the soap is more concentrate so use the amount that the label say...dirty cloths ...wash them with salt! and no conditioner please!  The conditioner damage this new microfibre cloth!

Refill your printer! Have you seen how expensive they had gone?
I refill them with a kit I buy in a store...but you can take them to different places that they do the job for less money that a new cartridge..and the quality at least of mine is very good!  I only change the cartridge when I have refill it some 5 to 6 times!

I use my bicycle for almost feet or cycle, I save money and get healthy...I am losing weight so I decide to do everything cycling ...I save money get healthy and will loose even faster!

Unplug electric that you are not using frequently, turn off the light, tv, radio etc if you are not using them...and go out more, walk, dance go to places walking in cycles ....the summer is beautiful enjoy it the best!

I am a crafter and enjoy doing things..for me the best way is instead of buy paper I buy CD or DVD ROM with graphics...why?  Because you only print what you need and I usually put several images in one page so I have less waste!.  And what is waste...I re use it to do something else!  You have seen the picture here!
I also think stamping is another way that help us not waste paper...Even a project I have in mind is doing more paper from my waste... although in winter I use it almost all in the fireplace...

Thing that you don't now what to do, take them to a charity shop...Red Cross shop accept even rags, the use that fabric and send it to Africa!
And re use your supermarket bags, don't litter, buy green stuff
Clean with vinegar and lemon!
I recently invested in a steamer cleaner...I haven't use any kind of chemical since that!  I thing that is a good investment they are several brands in the market with accessible prices...and they clean..everything!

And something new I saw in this days fleur a cup...a silicone base type of tampon that is reusable over and over again...I don't like to make commercial about anything but  I found this very interesting! a lot for tonite!
And I have to keep on going!
Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow
and Happy Father day!!!  Wepa!!!!

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