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Albert Einstein.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

ARTIST TRADING CARDS (ATC) and dragonflies...again

Hello everyone...nice day today!
A friend ask me if I can take better pictures and put them back again in my blog, so I am doing it now...(I still don't know how to erase the last one jijijijj).
As I say all this ATC I have made with waste ....I like to experiment and sometimes thing doesn't go how it was plan...but I never throw it away...almost all of this ATC are using thing that I was experiment enjoy it!

For the backing of the dragonfly I use bit of glitter paper and glue them is the back and front so you can see how easy it is ...and u use less!
I didn't have enough glitter paper for all the project so I tape waste of the one I had.

It goes well, and the one in the middle is shrink cardboard looks like fabric.

A promise is a promise...I hope you can see them better now!

I love hats!

She looks naughty...

This are leftover that I stamp, then I cut them out!
Well I think you an see them better!!! Anything mail me again!
Have a nice sunny evening!

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