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Thursday, June 10, 2010

ATC, Altered and Recycled!

Here are  some of the ATC I have been doing...I have been a little bit busy lately and the past summer days???  I didn't want to be at home!  I was outside in the sun!!!  So know back again in the are some of the ATC...hope u enjoy it!!!

The sweat pea atc, the base card is from a packet who have crackled image, so I cut it out and then I stamp sweat peas over a piece of white f/c paper leftover and painted and glue it over, the phrase  is stamp over the card.  The second one is also a stamp over a f/c leftover paper and cover up a cardboard.
The peas were stamp directly onto the cardboard and painted them I added a phrase.  The flower ones are made from a more soft packing paper, that I cut in an flower shape and painted i, the leaf are a wast of some card I was making and all is pastes over another cardboard.  I put a little gem in the middle and also I stamp over a little piece of acetate the butterfly.

This all were paste over different types of cardboard and the first one a tag (I cut it so it will be the same size) I use stamp to decorates them and the last one was using little pieces of leftover papers and the heart shape stamp I made it from a stamp I buy and the parts you cut out I use them to make circles and hearts and shapes...the heart jewels was a gift...I use for the 3 a card stamp I made from a very old card I found in my maybe from the 40's...if you notice I write the words here.

This one I paste an oriental figure I had over an art Deco waste-paper card that I make. The tank you is from another project and I use the jewels gift to make an embellishment. This I am using for a friend that gave me a nice gift without motive...and we have to be grateful for everything in life!

This one are paste over flyers ( commercial ones ) that came through my door.
The yellow sun and the coffee are stamps and even the word in this atc are from the original flyer.  The believe one is a stamp sun twice.  The flower was a papo stamp that when wrong, so I cut it in half and arrange it and stamp some little leaves and use a piece of paper I find in my be honest I have a pre-bin basket...I usually put here things I think I won't use...but I use that is why is my pre bin! JAJAJAJa....

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