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Albert Einstein.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Paper Doll!!! My little mermaid!

Hello you out there!  Enjoy the summer ...hope you are...
Here is something I came up for the is fun...I make it like a card but you can do them as for kid or paste them in a stick...
Imagination is the only one....I have some other in mind but for now the splashing mermaid!
                                                      Very easy to do...Although I design the head and the tail, I download for
free on the net a paper doll and you can use them as templates. From that template I use the body and the hands.  All made from cardboard, and leftover f/c paper. The rocks we use a piece of metal magic work that went wrong...but I never through anything away!  i have had that piece for month...and now I use it.  Also the happy b'day was from i card I made last year ...but I use a shoe box to put those pieces so when I need them...c...I have so much fun with her...Her name (I baptised her) Meriel...I use mini brad to hold together the hand head and tail...and in the tail I add a round thing that was from a hair clip the broke!
Hope you enjoy it...I need to learn how I can put stuff here that you can download for free....
I have all the templates..but don't know how to put it here for download...I need to learn...And wait for more ATC recycles...I love some ...I will post them soon....c ya...the sun came out !!!Wepa!!!!

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  1. Gloria i have just had a look at your gallery you have some stunning work, Shirley