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Friday, September 23, 2016

Paper Bead Earrings! Wow and a Birthday Card!

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Yes, I did some paper beads lately! And like it! Is fun and like therapeutic; I really like doing them.
At first had some mishap then I look over how to make them and I tired.
here are my results!
Here are the beads I made, now I want to do more round ones!

Tried to do round ones, but need more practice! 

Here is another style, they look quite Salsa! 

Here are the 2 styles  I made, 
I will be making some bracelet and maybe a necklace.  For this Blog I wouldn't be doing how to, I am really very inexpert still and they are very good sites in the web, but so you have an idea another recycling use for magazines, newspaper etc. 

And for something extra, a Birthday Card! It was made with leftovers, some magazine and old papers, the base is a stepper card that I found in my stash!
The background is a brown paper almost a like the Kraft paper, but not the same.
were the flowers are paste is an old music sheet. To make the stalk we use an flower
leftover paper, the flowers also were cut using the design of the leftover papers.

The middle of the flowers have this glue, then later painted with a marker.
The Happy Birthday was stamp on a piece of magazine, and the flower background
was made cutting pieces from a leftover paper pad and arrage in a rectangular paper
from a voucher.  The background (purple) also pieces of leftover paper that we
glue together, so it only could be seen in the borders.

The back of the card we cover with a nice magazine picture so It didn't look blank.
This way you dont throw stuff and you save money! The holographic paper was only a piece leftovers from a A4 and by cuting it to strips, was used for background in both layers of the card.
Hope you all have a nice week!

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