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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Plant Pots Re-Purpose and they are Lovely!

Hello every one! see I am doing my part of the promise I made with you, who told me that I sometimes take to long to post new things.  I am posting something in at least 1 of my 4 blog weekly! Weeeeee!post signature

This week my neighbour was dumping some terracotta pots and she ask me if I want some of them; of course I wanted them all!  well she gave me some,  so I decide to change them and give a them a new life!
First I wash them with a brush and water, let them dry completely and paint them with acrylic and a base of sealant, I use different technique with each of them.

The after picture of the oval phone will post it later, think I took it with my cellphone...maybe?
two of the 3 pots, after wash and dry.

After was clean & dry, I paint with primer or gesso, let it dry.
Then painted it with acrylic blue and white. After dry, put a sealant.

Doesn't it look pretty? 

The 3 pots.

This one, I use a red base of acrylic then wash it with other colors.
Left it to dry and applied a crackle medium, let it dry. When dry I make a wash with
green and then seal it so the medium do not go crackling for ever! 

This one I also paint with a red base then when dry I apply tissue paper that I had
previously stamp.

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