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Albert Einstein.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Re Use Up Cycle Kitchen Jars!

Why buy mason jars? We can use the ones we have leftover from mayo, mustard etc. 
Only download labels! Or design them yourself! 
See the jars I upcycled reuse or recycle from my kitchen! 
First clean the jar very ver well!!
Take out the label with warm soapy water  then I use a little of alcoohol (Do not do this in the kitchen, near fire or enclosed place, please be careful because alcoohol is very very flammable); rub it on the leftover glue.
When the jars are clean let them dry and apply the labels with a glue I used acrylic glue and I varnish the labels first to seal them, so this protect them from grease & water.

I design all to my taste! And also cover the tops! If you like the design you can download them from dowload page for free! 

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