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Albert Einstein.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Coffee Recycling Center for my Kitchen! Graphic 45

Hello every one!
Sorry again for delay, but as usual I was away and having fun!
But time to get doing something!
I know there is a challenge from Graphic 45 and guest what? Yes
Is about re-use and recycling or up-cycling! And as you know I love that kind of challenges! Weeee!
If you have snails in your garden, one way to keep them far away is using coffee...yes the leftover coffee, but I needed a nice container to put the waste so when I have enough of it I use it in the garden around the places and plants that t he snail like most so they run away (to another garden) jajajaja....not nice.
I use coffee because it works, I don't have to buy harsh pesticide and waste money!
so here it is tara:
Hope you like it!
Yes we drink lots of coffee!

And only Volcanic Highlands Coffee!

The How too is here in this link:

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