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Albert Einstein.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Toilet papers roll albums!

post signatureHey you! Hope everyone had been okey!
I had been busy busy busy, but still haven't make any X-mas card! jajajajajaj
I don't worry... everything for last minute jajajajaj Most important craft must be relaxing!
Don't worry be happy! ooops I almost forgot! I am repairing  my blog of howto,  so hopefully this weekend I will work on it!
I make this 2 bad videos of the toilet paper rolls, if anyone out there could give me tips on the blog I would really appreciate it!

The Sun and car are done with packaging . 

Leftover paper, scrunched a little more use some stain ink and embossing powder 

I emboss the toilet paper roll then put on some embellishment 

This little charm is make with a plastic cover from packaging 

this is the other side 

The flower was made from a yoghurt packaging 

I use a heavy card that was stained, I stamp AE with different distress ink colours

This is another toilet roll album the flower were made from use filter coffee.

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