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Albert Einstein.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Journals, Tags Bags!

Yes I know, I had been busy but not here...
I had been experimenting and you know what...I have learn one and thousand ways how not to do stuff!
Also I make me a promise stay away from Twiter!  Jajajajaj a read but please don't get in discussion I loose all the time in there! And the worse when discoursing about politics  and religion wow they never end! Big mistake! If we have stuff to do! Weeeee...
I made 1 journal using the envelopes the big ones that comes through the mail; I open them very nicely so they don't tear up and I can used the, I also make pockets of them so I can insert tags or notes. And the other one is a Journal covering that I used cardboard form a packaging, then I cover it with fabric.
I am working still in How to do it blog, I don't know what I was doing wrong, but know is working (hopefully jajajajaja) so I can explain how to this stuff, I begin with the cover Journal please e mail me if it isn't working okey!
Here are some of my latest experiments:

This is a fabric journal cover

This is the finished journal with some lace and ribbons in the ring.

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