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Albert Einstein.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Hello I am back!

This little board (I love cats!) was made using a canvas and digital  images and stamping, then pasted over a  cardboard box, one of the corners had a soda can embellishment .
Hello you out there!
A nice sunny day! Wow
Like always battling with this blog...still I don't learn jajajajajaja...
I just was learning how to then they change again, and then again...jajajajajaj
But I will keep trying to learn how to do a better blog!
Yes I have been busy do you want to see more stuff?
I will show you some stuff I have been doing.
Enjoy, smile have fun and be happy!
The weekend begins today!

This little journal was made from envelopes that come through my post! Also I use to cover most of it with papers that came in a magazine, the tags were made from packaging , some embellishment from plastic.  Ye I know I am not so a girly theme artist, but I do also, my daughter inspire me she is a girly girl!
The other below also was inspired by my daughter, also made from those big envelopes that come through my door and in this one I used some commercial brochure that came in those envelopes.  In this one the tags are made from packaging materials.  In this one I use a craft magazine pages to decorate it.
I had have those magazines sitting around for sometime, this is a good way to use them! And by the way, I am not good taking little movies  either jajajajajajaj!

Also I did another project I use an snicker box to make a little suitcase, instead of using a box to put the gift I arrange this box for that purpose.  I re use and transform the box and didn't have to buy a gift box for my friend; she really enjoy it and was very excited about it! Hope you enjoy it! I enjoy doing it Ja!

The box inside, the tags were made also with cardboards and have the B'day message

Here is how it looks close, the handle was made using a cottage cheese plastic cup, so is firm. I cover it with paper.

The necklace use here I bought in a charity shop and re use it, the brown flowers were  made  from use coffee filters.

And here is with the present inside, the black tissue paper was from an old gift!
It was so much fun doing it and re using stuff around the house and my friend was excited! Weeeee!
Here is a bag that I re use it for a present gift.

The flowers (2 of them) made with used coffee filters (yes I know I drink a lot of coffee!) and the other from a plastic packaging . The background band is the backside of an already printed paper, I re printed it again and use it.

Here are the tags used in the Butterfly Journal. The big one are made from packaging and then stamp, for this kind of technique I usually look for glossy type of packaging. The other were from the magazine paper.

The flower was made by stamping and embossing a leftover  paper then cut it , the middle  is also a leftover glazed it for a better effect.

This one is from pieces of leftover papers that I use for covering the journal.

The long tag is a bookmark I cover it with a nice paper and stamp.

Here are some tags from the Fairy Journal.  All of them were made with cardboard from something left..

Hope you enjoy this!
\\\\\well before finishing let me show you what I did with does plastic vase one from a washing powder and the other a yoghurt? Dont remember ...jajajajajaja
This one was stamped completely in a whole page then glued. 

This one is collage type, cutting and pasting leftovers papers.

This is a map that I found and love it! The frame was made using a scrapbook pages then I stamp over it!

Soon I will be posting some other project.
Please visit my other blogs to see different things!
Ciao bellos!

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  1. Hi, do you show how to make this type of Journal? Or do you sell them? Can youmail me back.