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Friday, October 7, 2011


Yes, I begin early (not so much) jajajajaj

I done a pair of what I call semi recycled cards, because I use leftovers, used p/c papers, magazine and new cards papers. Hope you enjoy them!

The first card I use, parts of a voucher, a cardboard packing, plastic cover, leftover acuarela paper and a piece of printed acetate.
First I painted very lightly with mica the acuarela p. when it was dry, I stamp with clock face and compass, to give the bubbles dimension I did it twice so you can cut the centre and paste it over (decoupage). I decide to use 4 bubbles.  I have a background paper that I printed in the back of a simple photocopied used paper .  Then the plastic or transparent cover I stamp some X-Mas tree leaves to give it more dimension, and instead of using a frame, I use a ribbon to frame it. The embellishment  cat face is made from a voucher, that  I cut, then I put in in a little piece of paper I found and draw the Santa's type of hat, glitter it, the little square is a deep embossing technique with clear deep embossing powder, however for this I recommend a thick cardboard, this one was from a detergent packing.  The sentiment is stamp over a piece of acetate leftover from another project, the clock beneath is from a voucher also.  The brads in the frame were made of normal brads glue them with a bronze glitter.  There is no need to be buying expensive stuff.
The second card I use the same packing for the tree and the face, stamp them and cover them with deep embossing powder , the background of the tree is a emboss paper leftover and the flowers came from this same piece of paper, the bottom background is the stripes leftover papers.  This I made an easel card, the background  to place the easel in place is done by using stamps and mica powder, then using distress ink around it.
If you want more explanation you cam e mail!
Have fun!

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