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Friday, October 28, 2011

More X-masi cards and ATC!

Hello again, yes I have been busy, also practising more re using and recycles things!
I am sewing! Weeee...I just made a bag a normal one, first you have to learn how to, then I will applied my re use and recycle knowledge you will be seeing it soon! 
I have a new link, it is called Creative downloads, there I post free backgrounds and also some techniques I used to do recycled cards and other stuff!
Now no more they are!
Enjoy them!
This is made from cardboard painted with acrylic I will use it to create a scrapbook 6x6 inspired by butterflies and vintage. That is another cardboard for my scrapbook. 

Here I use a packaging 
to make the shaker with the snowman. 

My moon atc and steam-punk x-mas tree

Here the square I use opening the shaker card with the snowman is re use, I stamp the 3 Wiseman. The background is tissue p[aper stamped as well the flower also.

This one is all made from scratches and leftovers, the fireplace is stamp using the back of a packet, the flower is made from tissue paper that came in a present, the hat is made from f/c paper the backside s well the luggage and the clock and compass from acurela papers leftovers, I glue them in a metallic silver paper that was damage with glue. The only thing new is card.
Enjoy and God blessya all!

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