"The woman who follows the crowd, will usually don't go any further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one ever have been before"

Albert Einstein.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

A little bit.....of

Snow!!! snow still!
Here are some pictures that I have uploaded before, but this are better..(I am learning how to take pictures jajaja)
I hope all of you a very very Happy Christmas!  A very very best New Year ever!
Do not fix your eyes in the gloomy future of the new, but see how the sun come out every day!
Always see the good thing in everywhere and everyone!
Wow philosophical today!
Keep on recycling, love our world and see you all in January 2012! 
Add This is my new stuff, bags! This shopping big bag I used Hessian to do it, the inner I used and old strong bath curtain! Because if we use put cols or wet stuff it will be okey, also I made several inner pockets; so I do not have to be carrying  2 bags...I used it and wow I couldn't believe how much stuff I put in it...hmmm maybe is not to wise...I spend more jajajajaja . The back & front pocket were made bags (my favourite drink ever) as well the is that some people have been asking me to made with the same packets! I do not have so much of this!

This are the cover of a scrapbook almost 6x6
made from box cardboard, decorated with acrylic paint. 

This mask were printed in the back of used photocopy normal paper,
then detail with foiling and glittering, the pearls like are made from glue, them glitter them.
They were cover with acrylic varnish when dry were pasted over
packaging to make them strong. For New Year party ! Wahoo!!

My little ATC all done for other leftovers! Overs cardboard.
Here are some ATC! Some from X mas time, ! And the other theme was Chrysantemus and bird or berries of January....woa!
Like always my ATC at least 98% r recycled or reuse, the lady hat is stamp over a magazine paper, she was stamp on a little piece of paper from other project over a packet type like linen, so I painted with acrylic then stamped over it and them paste de ladies, the little one painted w/promarkers.
The flowers  in the vase were made from tissue paper from a gift , I stamp over it then varnish and the middle is glue with glitter, the  flower I use watercolor to painted them then use a aquacolor to give them more definition.

This were made with pieces from here to there..The fairy I stamped over shrink plastic, the image is a printed one that was left, I intensify glittering them. The owl is a picture a cut the moon is stamped the background are several different little pieces of paper I found (yes I have patience at least for this jajajajaj). The last one is a piece of leftover paper that I foil it and distress it a little then some cut flower from other paper and a sentiment from another stuff!

Well hope you enjoy this one.
May God me be here next year also. 
Any question you know my e mail...but I am going to rumba and zumba! So I might be a little busy till next year jajajaj!
The best of the best for all!
ciao pescao!
With Love

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