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Albert Einstein.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Carbon Cutters Abingdon ! Art and Craft Exhibition!

How are you this weekend?  I have had a very busy week!
But I want to tell you to go to the town centre and visit the mall were Abingdon Carbon Cutter have a shop...they are so many interesting ideas, not only for craft but how to grow your own garden, to make your own juices and organic foods!  It is great!  So don't miss it out.
Here you can learn how to cut your carbon footprint!  So go on!
Also I have a small exhibition of some of my recycled ATC, cards and jewellery...
Hope you enjoy it!

Here is some of the things I have in the exhibition...

C u there!

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  1. Desde chiriqui le deseo con mucho cariño que le valla muy bien en su exhibicion primero Dios y que venda mucho de su arte hermoso.
    pd. no habia entrado a su link pero esta super interesante y me despierta la imaginacion gracias por eso =)...
    atte. Kary