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Albert Einstein.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Recycled Jewellery ...OMG!

Hello everyone!  How are you!  I have had a nice weekend ...went to Aly Paly and have fun!
I saw so much new technique..and I take those to re use here are some of my latest...not much, but soon I will be posting more and for my Spanish speaking friends, I will begin a new eco post in spanish...I know you have ask me this long time ago./..but is the day!
And remember...have fun, and even if you are thinking negative, you must think positive again!
This is domino art...I never knew what to do with this game that they were peices...all over, but now I make this pendants, I was thinking doing a bracelet also...that is good idea...and this are the smaller ones, I have some big also, they must be easier to work with!

 Here i use some shrink plastic to do this...well it isnt recycle but the theme is
Is a new brand I am thinking of...tell you later, the square medallion believe or not is a re use thick embossing powder, I make a project some weeks ago and have this left....throw it? NEVER! Re heat it again and make me a blue medallion stamp over it and then let it cool down, then brush it with mica
My blue heart also using the left over t.e.p.

 Love the watches strap!  I do it with grunge paper (it is recycled) stamp all over it
paint them with mica powder s and I have a new strap....Arent they beautiful!

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