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Albert Einstein.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Recycled Cards!!!

As always I love to re use re cycle and the other r that I forgot!  But I am always doing something new...
I will have a surprise soon (if it work okey jajajajajaja) and I hope you all love it too!!!#I soon will be naking an Spanish blog also...some friends has asked me too do it so I will begin again...
This card were made from recycled ATC and some leftover here and there...
hope you like them!

This one I use a commercial flier that came through the door, I put over the ATC and stamp in a waste paper the other things, paint and voila!
This one has the ATc on the top, the back of the diamond is cover with pieces of leftover silver paper, the base was done with and use paper, that is why I cover with the red mirror card in the front!

This one I print the used card so it mix with the background, put an ATC and a sentiment a nice gentlemen card!

Arent this ladies beautiful! I re use a piece of left over card paper for the bottom an another to the top an 2 ATC and a very different and special card that you never find in any place only in your deep imagination!

This is a very recycled card...stamp over a plastic cover and backed it with painted tissue paper and then draw some line to look like a stain glass...were you will find something like this!  still isn't finish...but soon jajajaja. 
 And for the finishing touch this little box, I print the jewel flower in the back of a cardboard of something I bought, put it a piece of ribbon of some gift and use anther cardboard of something and here you have it...only glue!  How much is the cost for buying one?

And her it is!
That is all folks!

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