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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ways of using papers (fliers, newspapers, leaflets, old magazines etc.

Hello everyone how are you today?  Hope that fine like me!
In my opinion, papier mache (mache paper, papel mache) is one source of using all those leaflets, newspaper magazine around the home.  All can be use in this technique, I must say that some fliers with heavy gsm (weight of the paper describe in grams per square meters or pounds) that are very good for card making, one way I use to find out is the weight is right, I shake it and you can feel how heavy it is, if they are heavy you can use them like paper card if you like doing cards or like a base; it depends what kind of craft you do...some can be use to cut out forms and using them with papier mache, or you can also use it for doing templates.
I usually use to make my own templates broad carton that comes with food or thing you buy.  Do you know who expensive template are?  You can craete your own templates and with this cartons they can be used over and over again!
Were can you find templates, maybe of figures you alredy have in magazine, and old card.
In past day I buy a fountain card kit, it cost me less than 0.90 pence, why I buy for...instead of using it right away, I make a template with a strong cardboard I have leftover from a cooking kit, and copy the card to it, so from now on I can use it over and over again.  I have seen the templates of this types of cards or kits and they cost 5 times more of what cost me.
Also you can find books with many templates in your local will only take you one day of work passing and doing several templates in leftover cardboards and you will no need to buy them.  In this days I saw 3 xmas templates that cost over £17.00!!! So you will help the enviroment by using cardboards and also saving a lot of money too!
Magazine papers are wonderful for making beads of papier mache, you can make your own jewelry, necklace, bracelet, earrings and they will be done the stile you like it!  I was in a recycle shop this past weekend, and I saw them, the price for this jewelry went from £6.00 to £ aren't we saving money or not!!!

I am doing to projects a bangle and a mail stand with this technique, as soon they are done I will show them. Also I want to do a magazine stand.  Papier mache takes a little of time because it have to be dry enough to continue.

Also I will describe the technique and the how to, so everyone can make them.
If you live in Abingdon or near, I will be given a totally free course of how to soon!

Hope that you will be interest in it
have a nice day and see you all later!!!

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