"The woman who follows the crowd, will usually don't go any further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one ever have been before"

Albert Einstein.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Here you can see the pictures of my latest project, all done from thing I recycle around my home.
Hope you like them...I will be posting also hope to make them so everyone can make them also.
For some you will need the usual tools, like scissors, glue, some brush, container, paint, some kind of varnish other s a little more...but the real thing is that we can crafts and we don't need to spend lot of money to do it.
I also buy many of my materials in cheap store, (those stores that see very cheap everything!). Some materials are good enough, some other s aren't, but we learn experimenting with whom...I could also give you some tips.

Here is a necklace and a pair of earring g done of one necklace I had and never used it, so i change it and also could make a pair of earring  to match instead of throwing it away.  ( wouldn't throw it. maybe take it to a charity shop).  For this you will need some pliers, I make my own jewelry that is why I have spare wire of different size leftovers and I used them to create this!   

In this one I use the negative of a bulb card I was making, because I don't like to waste anything, before making the embossing I use a normal paper (that was already used) and painted with a glowing color and left it dry, so when the embossing was finish, I could use the negative also!  In the picture I haven't a sentiment because I am waiting something is wast for it!

Every picture her are use with material that would have been wasted or thrown away.
You can save money doing little thing and also help the environment.

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