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Albert Einstein.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

More crafts for you

Here I have made something from boxes, tape rollers and chip can.

This one is a box we made from an acuerala or watercolor pages ( a bad painting).  We made the box and then we painted with a pearlescent acrylic paint and put a dried flower some an arrange I have brought and a ribbon form an old chocolate gift I had.

This xmas card we made it from old pappers a plastic little box from a sweetner we bough.

Put it together and it will be a shaker card, the snow is made from foam, of something we have at home...

This one is a birthday card for a friend.  We draw the bottle in the back of a plain copy papper that went wrong, then we paint it.  In the backgroung we  stamp happy birtday several time and then we painted also.
A very nice and unique card.

The background was made from a copy papper that went wrong also.  It is stamped and painted, then I aplied again some stamnp with gold embossing powder.  I have left over from another work I did, and I used it in this cardthen wrapped the ribbon add a picture and that is all!

This is a card holder made form a box and stamped and painted. 

The bangles were made from an empty tape roll and the other 2 the wider and the reddish from an empty chip container.  I have been using them several times now and they havent suffer any damage at all!

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