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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cards and jewerly

Here we have to examples of re using pappers and plastic containers with the help of some stamp also!
The shaker card with the snowman we use a plastic container were a sweetner came, some old pappers or scrap, I cut it and paste it and then stamp on it.  In the shaker we also use for snow the foam protective material that comes with some gadgets.
The 3 wise man card, was painted using the background of the scrap papper and then we recreate like a desert scene and stamp the wise man on it.
 This are some exaqmples using scrap pappers and the bubbles were the left over part of another proyect that instead of throwing it away we paint them to give them dimesions.  All this card were made with scrap papper pasted over propaganda fliers and brochure that we receive in the door!

This is an explosion box made from some acuarela pappers, I was practising and it went wrong, because this pappers are strong, they are great for boxes! I stamp them and varnish them so the drawing didn't dominate the scenario.  I use a ribbon that came with something we bought and that is all!!!

I love doing jewerly, and I made this from leftover metal wire from a jewrly workshop...I only put on the beads and it is done!

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