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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Recycled Plastic for Recycling Batteries! Wow!

post signatureWow, how many recycle was in that title jajajajajaj
Yes, I know please don't tell me.
But I have a big great excuse; for personal problem have to be travelling, so no much time to dedicate to my stuff that I call ART!

Well, this week I was trying something new.  I saw a project in the net about transforming plastic vitamin bottles for using them in Halloween, although we like doing very weird stuff, Halloween is not a thing that I like or do!  So I decide to =change the technique a little and do something I enjoy recycling!
I need a bin to put the use batteries in order to take them to a recycle center, so I use this technique for my bin.
Here is it
This is the front, I use the top of the bottle, it have a hole, so I can put through it the batteries.

To make it I use item that I had, the cats, keys and coffee cup top, are polymer clay, but that went terribly wrong (didn't bake okey), Instead of throwing them away I kept them and saw an use in this project.  The gears were leftover from a Steam Punk board theme as the bee. The only thing fresh that I use is the paint! Ja
Here is the How to...Have fun! And enjoy what your doing no matter what it is!!!

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