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Albert Einstein.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Re cycled Journal!

Hello everyone! How are you today?
Yes the weather isn't so good so I am back! Jajajaja
But I had being doing some stuff and learning so I can bring you something new!
Well I decide to make a totally up cycle or re cycled what ever you prefer.
I use all the waste, leftover, packaging I can find.
I usually cover all the pages from packaging with gesso before using them.
Here it is!

This is the cover of the Journal, the base is a cardboard from a box, all the embellishment, different gears and old clock were cut out from different types of packaging. If you want them to look thicker you cut 2 or 3 with the same die (I am using an electric cutter) and glue them together they look like chipboard.

This is the back of the from cover, just cover with gesso and stamp it.

Some pages in the interior. The quote is a left over from another project.

This one is paint stamp.

Te left page I use some paste with an stencil and cover from some tissue paper that came in a packaging. I did the same with the page to the right; this was the back cover of a paper pad. I stamp in tissue paper. 

This background were done with towel paper, they are colourful because I use them to clean the mess while I was painting. I let it dry then peel them and use the more colourful side.  Then I cover them with a matte sealant wait it dries and stamp over it directly.

With this pages I did the same, I used some copy paper the I sometime put it for protection. I paint it a little more then crumpled it, open and pass it through my embossing machine so they go flat. The balloons I stamp over them usually waste paper cut them and glue them. The mountains and clouds also made from waste paper.

This is totally made from scrap papers from other project or cover from some paper pads.

The back cover of the journal, the same as the front.

This is a close up of this page that I use towel paper. It have so much colours and texture, I think it would be great using it in a mix media canvass .

This is the inner side of the back cover, done with a news paper and letter from left over and news paper.

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