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Monday, April 14, 2014

Board and Mixed Media

Wow, I had been doing stuff, but I dont know if its me or my camera the picture dont seems to come out as good they used!
Maybe is time for a course in digital photography Ja!
I have done some canvas and boards.
As soon I find the picture I took on how to make it I will be up loading them.
Any question you can e mail me!
This is a back of a board. Its all cover with the left over cut outs. That is why you can see the figure of a butterflies and flower 

This is totally made with scrap and left overs papers, only the letters aren't scrap. The background was made with different scrap papers as the cups. And the base is a  cardboard from a  used box.
The wing as the body of the dragonfly is made with left overs papers and the body with old watch parts
Another canvas using recycled items.
This metal embellishment was broke in 2, here were paste together and glue to the canvas.
This flowers  were made from cardboard packaging, I cover them with cut out papers from Graphic 45  then emboss them.
The fairy was from a  bracelet charm that my neighbour was going to throw away  & I ask for it, I cut the loop out and used here. The dragonfly was made from a thin cardboard packaging that went through my Silhouette. 
This is the back from the take life one cup at a time board,  using the leftover from my cut out.

This canvas was made using several techniques, but almost all the embellishment (gears) were made from cardboard of box & packaging s the corner .

Hope you enjoy!

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