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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Recycled Journal Pages

post signatureYes, I know I was going to keep on doing stuff...but then life come in!!!!
Hones, it is easier to be written than done jajajajaj...but I enjoy it!
Well I haven't been doing enough recycled stuff and spring   & summer is almost here and I am nore outside! OMGOSH! were did the winter went?
Well I have project on my mind, hope they come out! Jajajaj..
I am doing with a friend an exchange we decide instead of ATC do journal page so here are the one a did for here, using a lot of packaging and waste around the house! (Not organic that goes to me compost!)

Painted by hand, and using stamps. Also used pictures from other projects or magazines.
For some page I used recycled    paper I had left from other projects.

This is how it looks when the page is close.

Using a leftover 12x12 scrap book paper, then draw a little and stamp it to create a different look.

A little colourful zentagle technique

Words from magazine, as the picture, the butterflies wing from a leftover of another project. A little line with glitter.

A image from an old postcard, a packaging and cut words from an old scrapbook paper. 

Is a very easy way to do a journal with packaging you need scissor glues, maybe glitter and markers to create a new stuff from old or waste.
Cutting flower shapes from magazine.

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