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Monday, May 28, 2012

Many Things!

Hello everyone
It had been a long time...but I am better and doing good!
I had been practising different technique of recycling stuff, so that you can also do it!
Also I have a new link in the page is call Stamping wow, I love stamping because it give me the freedom to up cycle and recycle more. In here I will explain the stamping technique I use whether I am doing a recycle up cycled project or not, also I made a little booklet about stamping so the new  to stamp can have an idea on how to, what inks to use and so on.
I will be making some small tutorials videos of the who to...I think it is easier this way and I do not have to lose time typing! Jajajajaj...But still have to figure who..jajajajaj typically me! 
I had been doing journals 
I will soon be posting them in videos also...OMG!
So you can see I have been busy!
Laugh against all odds!

This is a mixed media, I draw the couture mannequin, die cut the wings (cans) use paper form an  damage book and stamp. This is for a Photo journal.

Here I use stamp leftovers of tissue paper, painted the base with acrylics and stamp the poppies. You can used this as background or as theme for a card, I am using it for a example journal.
Similar to above, I am using it for a Photo Journal. Later I will paste some photos and mixed it with the background.

All this flowers were made from used (yes used!) coffee filters, some are stamped other painted. The middle of the first flower was made with a used towel paper also...

This ones some are made from cans, the plastic is from plastic's  packaging (#1) sing a heat gun (be careful when using a heat gun please!) and the 2 silver ones were made from a foil that covers some kind of cottage cheese, (It is clean also) .

Another mix media, using stamp tissue paper from a show box, the background is made from used towel papers ( the ones I used for crafting).  This page is for an example journal I am making for my students visualize.
Here is an example of the coffee filter flowers and the towel paper background.  Also  the small background is from a packaging and the bigger one is the back part of another.

This ATC, were hand-painted and cut and paste in the back of some cardboard from some packaging, the base is stamp and painted. 
Here using leftover papers, plastic(wings, butterfly) and stamping.

Here the background were printed form this blog (the free downloads page bg) In both ATC, the I mixed them with the stamp some leftover papers.

This are some pendants and a button made from egg shell.

Toilet Paper Mini Album!

And the cover...jajaja I do not know why it came last???
This mini album is made from the roll of the toilet paper in other post I will tell you how to!
The feathers I used were leftover from a big Masquerade party that me and my brother did the decoration for, last year.

This flower was made with use coffee filter paper and the centre from used parts of a clock! The lace is the same as the cover, it was pain with ink.

This is the back cover!
Almost all the album (exception  the photos, was made from scratches )

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