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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Some work done! ATC, Frame & Suitcase!

Hello everyone, just a little busy much stuff happening in the world right now; and we are just beginning the year wao!
Well I have been doing another things and every time I have leftover I do ATC!

The background of this one are from my free downloads they work good... don't you think so jajajaj

Teh ladies face was stamp over the music sheet background so it give texture to the face, the girl of the second one was already on the background so I embellished it with some leftover

This also are from my background free downloads and again embellished them with some leftover

The first one I made it from a watch band that broke I cut it in squares  and glue it to a packaging, the second one is stamp in the back of a packaging and painted with markers

This one is a Valentine card I made, is part recycled and part not; the ribbon came from a gift box I had, the hearts were stamp over brochures papers then cut-out; the metal magic embellishment I used brochure paper , I think the new part was the base card, the stamp lady and gentleman in the bikes even the flowers were left over coordination papers, just emboss them an voila!

The first one I use cardboard and the wings were from a little pieces of vellum I found (I still don't know were did it came from) jajajajaj.  The face were stamp over different types of packaging then emboss them only to see who it worked but still nice!

This one the back is a cardboard and the front was a use f/c paper that I re print with this theme, then cut out and use a little gloss to make it firmer The same with the one below

The picture was on a glass frame does cheap one, I use one of my Valentines box Chocolate (Yummy) cut it in form  of a frame and use a very old masking tape (so old I had to glue to the cardboard jajajaaja) Then I use heavy emboss powder with some mica powders to give it like a metallic appearance.  When the frame was finish I glue it to the glass and finito!
People who had seen it though it was metal (jajajajaja)
Now this is a little suitcase ( I saw one in a craft magazine) and tried to make it..Hope you like itI use, used f/c paper, because I need some sturdiness I cut if first, score it and then I used a very fine embossing powder something like print magic or melt-dust so when it was fold it didn't break; Also before this I stamped it and distress it otherwise it would be a little more difficult with the emboss powder on.

You need 2 boxes (In this case I made them myself) but any box that close together will do it.  The tricky part is glue them together, the outside and the inside also. In the outside the only thing holding them together is the 2 straps, so for this it must be a heavier paper, more stronger than a ph/c paper but not as hard as a card (it would break), or like I did, I have a piece of paper leftover a project, i glue them together then I cut the 2 strips. It must be glued all around the boxes and a little longer so it looks like a strap.  This must be do last.  The holder of the bag is a card I have to crumple it with the hands so the fibres break  then I distress it.  I use a long strip, bigger that the box so I have space to curled up for the srtap holders and the holder itself, put in on the botton box and level it, you glue the straights parts and that is all!

Everything is made from leftover or use photocopy paper.  This kind of project is great you can use the smallest things around you. The little notebook was made from the leftover card of the Valentines days then open holes and put some cut paper and in those you can write a sentiment for the person it is going to be.

This is who I manage to paste both part of the box together,  first you open the 2 little boxes then you put some masking tape to hold them together but leave it loose and open it and close it to see if its can close and open okey; then you cut another p/c used paper stamp it, painted what ever you like and emboss it again with very fine embossing powder, this piece of paper must cover from the top box to the bottom box  is the size is okey then you glue it to both boxes so it help them maintain together.  In the bottom box I scrump a piece of paper that came in some shoes I bought and then pass distress ink to give it texture . In the upper box I paste a little piece of tissue paper I stamp also in some leftover papers  and because it is small you can use anything you like.

I also use a horizontal paper I did it the same way the others, so you can embellish it more.
This little box would be great to use it as a little card and put a gift inside it can be some chocolates, some kind of jewellery or what ever you like.  Because this suitcase was made from 2 boxes glued it can be the size you want! Any inquire you can e mail me and I will help you in all!

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