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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Yes, like I said in my last post...I have been taking a sabbatical??? jajajajajaj well in a way..
But here I am with some new stuff I work on.
I must say, stamping help to recycle, reuse reduce!  With stamps you can use very small pieces of paper and give it a very new life!  Even usin it in packing and making something different!
Also stamping give you a huge way to use them, not only with embossing, but with different types of paint or mediums, from pencil colours to acrylic paints, using glitter, different types of paper even form magazines or newspaper even cardboards and plastic packet (always read the recycle number in the back for this) (if you are using emboss techniques is always better to try it first and use precautions).
Well no more taking and here are some of the cards...

 In this one like we use stamping technique in the tags, in the base card to create a background, the base was made using resistant technique with mica powders. The tags were build up using tickets, stamps and little things that I have around leaving some space between the collage to stamp on it!  The right one is using new new papers with some leftover also. The green bg was emboss for this card, the leaves was a leftover and the embellishment was a ticket and stamping and heat embossing over plastic packets and cutting them, so it is more 3D.The verse was stamp in a leftover paper and some of the tear paper were pieces of leftover papers glue to the back.
This one is also a mix, the flower, the sentiment, the embellishment behind the figure of the gentleman
 and the bg of the gentleman are leftovers papers, fotocopy papers etc.

The Lady is a figure from a craft magazine, the bg, flowers even the ribbon are leftovers paste together in a blank card.
This one is a little note all from leftover papers and magazine images using stamping method.  
The box was printed in a normal card paper, but the flowers were made from grunge paper that was left form an older projects. The brad is a normal brad painted with acrylic gold.                                                           The inside of a box is mini-album, the pictures were paste in use f/c paper, and the different embellishment were stamps, little things around and some leftovers to make the mini tags and corners!  Some the brads were imitation ones made from glue and glitter.

 This one is completely re use and recycle, only the blank card that is paste over, the bg is made from different types of papers, newspaper, magazine etc, glue together and painted. The clocks were stamp also in different pieces f papers some emboss, other painted the sentiments also were stamped in used papers.  Also I use metal magic technique that is formidable for using with any kind of paper.  The flower or rosset in the last one was a back of a f/c used paper sprite with mica and then folded constantina. The matting and layering is using leftover papers some of them were glue together and joint for making the square, the matt and layering under the images is empty what you see are only stripes of paper that make it look like a frame.  With the kitchen one is almost the same technique only different stamps and using it like a collage

This  is also all leftover is a small card was the bottom of a card blank of one of the first cards a little of stamping using very small stamp ticket like sizes , one of the ladies face is stamp on magazine paper as the lady in front, the hat.  I cover the blank stamp also with a bg leftover from a card I made.This page show how much you can do with things we usually throw!

Here I add a ribbon some glitter and voila!

And this  b'day card all recycle and re used materials, only the ribbon, the embellishment in the side and the insert are new, but the toppers, sentiment,  even the sun is a stamped bottle top!

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