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Albert Einstein.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Hello Again Naturally!

I am sorry haven't been blogging for a while!
But I will be updating my blogs at least once or twice a week!
I have new Ideas and I had been making so much different stuff!
I will be updating the how to blog also, and I will see if I can make a good video to upload  them to my channel in YouTube.
I will show you what I made from an envelope and a craft magazine and using a can of beans, empty and cleaned!
Please, I am new to video so  |I apologize, but I will do better! You can count on this! Jajajajaja
This mini album was made from used envelopes that came in my mail.
And the can was cleaned very well after use; then dry it up. This particular can came already with a covering inside it so it wasn't necessary for me to cover the inside, but I glue in the bottom a piece of tissue paper to soften the look and too put the present (jewellery) inside it.  The handle is made from a yoghurt plastic vase, that I covered with paper and using a Crop-o-dile I open holes and use eyelets to secure it.

Tags to add to the pockets of the minialbum

The can

    hope you enjoy this and re use up cycled it up!

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