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Albert Einstein.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Cards, mail holder

Yes I am back again,  experimenting with different stuff, I had made some earring...and planing to do some new stuff....I am the crazy scientific of recycling jajajajaja!
By the way...I have been going to the gym, and loosing some weight!
Also planing to do a cycling trip of  2 bad at all...
Hope you like this new ATC and this card.

 This made with the back of photocopier paper  of course was already used.  We made some collage, the later is of some of those pieces.
This was made on the back of a packet using acrylic paint.

 Use some papers strips left overs and stamped.
A heart stamp as the moon over a crumpet back of paper and embellishment of some flyers.  

A b'day card done with several strips of different papers and a collage using stamp.

This is a mail holder made from cardboard from packaging, I glue some ATC I have and use a stamp for the other background.

This is part recycled, for the collage I used some left over pieces of paper that I stamp and painted with pro markers and watercolours . The letters were stamp over packaging strong plastic .  So why not mix new and old!

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  1. Gloria I love all your work and you have a wonderful blog, very colourful and interesting, love Shirley